Why you should  stock gold

Gold is considered a valuable barrier against inflation, stock market volatility, and currency depreciation. Therefore, now may be the best time to invest in gold. Potential investors must do their due diligence before investing in gold.

Protect against inflation risk

When it comes to investments, there is one thing you need to understand, because, in the long run, your investment can be wasted. That’s inflation, it’s the rate at which the value of money decreases over time. Considering this factor, you should not invest in cash as it will lose value, especially in a growing economy like India. Instead, you can try investing in gold and other safe assets that protect you from inflation risk. Gold has been shown to outperform inflation for many years, and investing some of your savings in gold can significantly reduce your risk. This is a favorite investment with millions of people across the country and they will never regret investing in gold in the long run. Tracking prices over some time allows you to understand the market. If you want to know the current market price of gold, there are online portals that provide information on such commodities. This allows you to monitor market fluctuations and start investing in a planned manner.

A great way to save money for the future

Saving money for the future is essential when you have a steady income. However, when investing in real estate, you may not be able to make a small investment. In this context, you can easily invest in physical gold. In this way, you can also secure future funding and achieve excellent returns in the long run. The best way is to buy gold coins from banks that have a quality guarantee. This product comes with a certificate of authenticity, so we will offer it at a slightly higher price than the market price. This feature is not available when buying gold directly from the market. For this reason, it is advisable to check gold prices in Delhi and other metropolitan areas before purchasing gold from local vendors. Also, you should always check the quality of reliable sources before choosing to invest. If you want to buy gold coins on the spot, ask if you can buy the same gold coins at a later date. This is a good way to check the quality of the source and can be sold in the future if desired. Please note that banks are currently unable to purchase gold from their customers, but may be able to offer credit with this guarantee.

Easy to buy and very easy to sell on the market

Physical gold is readily available at your local jewelry store. However, it makes sense to buy from a reputable jeweler who can provide a warranty certificate for their products. Note that it is also sold in banks and you can easily get gold coins there. The biggest advantage of buying from a trusted source is that you get the original quality without risk and with a proper receipt for future reference. You can check today’s gold prices from reliable sources and buy gold from such sources. When it comes to sales, your local jewelry store is the easiest. Remember that gold is always in demand and you don’t have to worry about parting with your gold wealth. you receive 

Easier to get a loan with gold as collateral

You never know when an emergency will strike your life, so you should always be financially prepared to brave the emergency. In this regard, gold can be invested with confidence as it is easily liquidated in the market. If you have gemstones, there is no need to sell them as banks and many other financial institutions will lend you money when you need them. Based on the total amount of money, in most cases, you can get the loan within a day. After paying off the loan in the future, the bank will return the same trinkets without damage. Because it is a secured loan, the interest rate is much lower than a regular loan.

The best addition to the stock market and real estate investments

Investing in the stock market and real estate can give you great returns, but you should not invest all of your life savings in such things, as they carry a lot of risk in the long run. You have to buy physical gold on the market to recoup your investment. This is beneficial for families as they can use gold in the form of jewelry and enjoy saving for the future. Unlike the stock market or real estate investments, the price of gold does not fall significantly, thus protecting your investment in the long term. This is an easy way to spread your risk, and this strategy yields great returns.

A safe investment compared to other assets

If you choose to buy physical gold, you don’t have to worry about investing as the market doesn’t fluctuate much. Comparing today’s gold price with historical rates, we can see that it is more or less stable compared to other assets in the market. Even after many years your gold still has a good market value and provides absolute security for your future.

Does not deteriorate over time

Unlike other investments such as real estate, it will not deteriorate in the future. It does not depreciate over time, and old gold jewelry fetches the same price as new gold jewelry on the market. You can also check gold rates in Delhi and other popular centers to verify this fact and exchange your old jewelry for new ones in the future.

This way, if you decide to buy physical gold, your investment will give you a good return and provide long-term security. It is also seen as a status symbol in our society and can provide good liquidity in the future. 

  • nickel, cobalt, and manganese project in NKAMOUNA

The Secretary of State, Acting Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, Professor FUH Calistus Gentry, led a field mission to the site of the Nkamona nickel, cobalt, and manganese mining project at Lomié in the East Region. The field visit gave the Minister a first-hand look at the raw rock and the first soil samples taken. During the debriefing session, which included consultations with the local population, Mayor Gérard Lomie made a solemn commitment to continue this 18-year-old project, which is now being carried out by Phoenix and its subcontractors Sinohydro and Zinghight. The Minister reminded everyone that following internal consultations at MINMIDT, a list of 12 projects had been drawn up, including 5 short-term projects that would be completed by 2023 with the laying of the foundation stone, 5 medium-term projects scheduled for completion between 2024 and 2025, and 2 long-term projects. Fuh Calistus Gentry reminded everyone of the State’s commitment and determination to get the mining sector off the ground, offering young people a future of hope in the form of many direct and indirect jobs, hence the lifting of blockages on each mining project.